A community for Agile experts

As a partner and a member for Wensei's community, you will benefit from the knowledge and visibility of a brand with strong humane values.

Our ambition is to spread Agile methods in organizations.

Wensei's commitment Join the community

Wensei's commitment

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Be apart of enriching exchanges around agile methods.

Get the most of exchanges with other members of the community in order to advance the knowledge of Agile methods.

Certification & exposure

With Wensei your trainings are certified and eligible to government funding solutions.

Our marketing strategy ensures exposure on your trainings on multiple communication channels.

Simplicity & freedom

Focus on your trainer expertise, Wensei takes care of all the administrative and commercial part. Receive fair compensation.

You're free to choose your prices, your dates and training locations

Wensei trainer's mission

We offer the opportunity to use you're passion to spread Agile methods in workplaces.

You are free to submit training session where ever you want, when you want and at the price that you will decide.

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You embody the values and principles of the agile manifesto and implement them in a pedagogical approach.


You lead and implement dynamic and interactive pedagogical methods based on Wensei's programs, with 65% dedicated to worshops and exercices.


You organize training sessions dates, locations and organize your learning material as you please.


You encourage trainees to use iceScrum to manage their Scrum or SAFe® projects, the only real Agile project management tool.

Compensation with full transparency

Wensei ensures full transparency on our trainers compensation.
Exemple For a 1200 € tax included training, we collect:

200 € for VAT

100 € fees (selling and marketing expenses)

200 € for the trainee's certification tarif indicatif

We refund 700 € 840 € TTC

The cost for a room rental and other costs associated with the organization are at the trainer's charge.

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